4 Reasons to Rent a Van

Multi-purpose vans offer an ideal solution for times when your vehicle just isn’t big enough for your needs. When planning a big group trip, people often assume that only airlines can cater to medium-sized groups. Car hire companies actually offer van rentals that may prove to be a better choice for leisure and business. It can carry seven or more individuals and still have space for luggage and other items you want to take with you.

Here are the advantages of driving a rental van:

Bring the whole group – When you need to take your staff business trip or your large family on a road trip, sometimes an SUV or minivan just won’t be sufficient. Sure, you could take several vehicles and just plan to drive to the destination together, but it can be a hassle to wait around and make sure no one is separated from the caravan. It’s more fun to rent a car, travel in one van and talk about the stunningly scenic drive or the places you just visited.

Make the trip comfortable – Travelling with a group for an extended period of time can be pretty stressful if the vehicle is small. You’ll have to worry about space for all the luggage, travel pillows, and devices. More so, the longer and farther you travel, the smaller the cabin will feel by the trip’s end. Renting a van that’s built for group travel can make all the difference. It will give you extra legroom and space for the suitcases, making the trip more comfortable.

Essential for business – Businesses engaged in cleaning services, entertainment, food catering, and pest control, to name a few, need vans for their operations. A multi-purpose van has just the right size to transport its passengers, tools, and equipment. Startup companies may not have the financial means yet to buy their own transportation. Thus, they can opt for a long-term car rental to run their business and make the most of what they have.

Less ownership responsibility – Using a van from a rent a car company is much more convenient since you don’t have to shoulder its costly upkeep. Rental companies take care of regular servicing to ensure that the vehicle stays in tip-top condition and is roadworthy before being rented out. In case of a breakdown, everything will be taken care of, and they will send roadside assistance to get you back on the road.

Renting a multi-purpose van for business or vacation is a great choice in terms of price and comfort. To find out more about short-term and long-term van rentals, talk to the EuroStar Rent-A-Car UAE experts. We offer a wide range of vehicle models from the most luxurious to the most economical. We will be happy to provide assistance in finding the best option for you. If you’re ready to make a reservation, call 054 7910 942 (Dubai) or 056 4727 960 (Abu Dhabi) today!