A Car Right For You

When you plan to rent a car in the UAE, you should never forget considering the right size of your vehicle. Depending on your needs, having the right car size allow you to use your car in the most efficient way.

So, what is the best way to choose your car according to its size?

Rent a smaller car as your budget permits

There’s no doubt: among the many factors that affect your decision in choosing a car is money. If you are trying to save money, then a smaller car should be on your list or get an economy car rental service. Not only that, but since smaller cars tend to consume lesser fuel, then it gives you more savings during your travel.

To make things even sweeter for you, there are small cars in the market that are actually roomy in the inside. So, don’t let the outside look deceive you. Visit a dealership, shop around, and you’ll be able to find a small car with a bigger leg and headroom.

When to avoid two-door cars

If you are traveling with your family, then a two-door might not be the best choice. Having kids do really affect your decision when choosing a car.

Four door cars are ideal for families with kids. Imagine if you only have two doors. The process of pushing up your front seat to let others get in the backseat of the car can be a very tedious process if you have to do it almost all the time. Not only that, but it is certainly time-consuming.

Of course, if you are just traveling alone, renting a two-door car will do.

When to choose a minivan or SUV

For a larger family, typically with more than three children, then you might want to go for a full-size minivan or SUV rental Dubai. These types of cars give ample room for everyone especially for kids who love to move around the car.

A minivan or SUV can carry four to eight people comfortably. Even if you don’t have a large family, but you intend to have your friends, relatives, and loved ones come with you, then an SUV or minivan can be a great choice.

When to choose a pick-up truck

The best thing about pick-up trucks is that they still give you a comfortable ride even if you have a lot of loads to carry around. Pick-up trucks are commonly used for businesses, but it can still be a good choice for personal use and travel.

Pick-up trucks have powerful engines that can easily transport multi-top loads and even pull a trailer. Not only that, but when you have to load debris or construction materials, you can easily load them up without getting the interior of your car dirty.

Need help in finding your car?

Still not sure how big or small the car you want to rent? If yes, let EuroStar help you. They are among the best rent a car companies in UAE that give you a wide range of choices. You can visit their website or download their app to explore their excellent cars. Better yet, visit their dealership and you should be able to find the perfect car. Give them a call now!