Advantages of Long Term Car Rental

When you stay in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a long time, having a car is better than public transport. Fortunately, car hire in the UAE is more convenient and reliable than other transportation mediums. Taxis, buses, and the metro have limited routes that don’t work for everyone. Furthermore, buying your vehicle and paying for maintenance, insurance, and parking can be an unnecessary expense. Those who need a car for months at a time can now sign up for a long term rental plan and enjoy the convenience of a personal vehicle, often at a lower cost.

A long term contract gives you the flexibility to rent a vehicle for as much or as little time as you need, usually up to several months. Whether you’re vacationing in the country for the holiday season, someone who just moved to a new city, or an entrepreneur who’s always swamped by business trips, a long term car rental can be an ideal, economical choice.


Below are some of the advantages to expect:

No depreciation worries – Depreciation tops the list of concerns regarding purchasing a brand new car. After all, the value of a vehicle instantly drops as soon as it is driven off the dealer’s lot. With a long term rental, the only charges you have to worry about include the monthly fees and fuel. It is up to the car rental company to deal with the eventual car value.

A wide selection of vehicles – With a long term rental, you get to choose from a comprehensive range of vehicles that extend from the most economical to the most luxurious. In the UAE, rental companies provide customers only with the highest-quality vehicles made by the world’s top manufacturers, from SUVs and hatchbacks to vans and buses. It’s easy to get behind the wheel and on the road in comfort and style.

Flexible deals and discounts – With a long term rent a car contract, payments are made in easy-to-manage monthly installments. This means you’ll be able to forward plan your budget and costs. More so, you can just return the vehicle when circumstances change with no hefty penalties. Rental companies also give out amazing discounts and packages when renting at extended periods.

Management services – Car maintenance can be a nuisance for most people. It not only costs you time but also a great amount of money. With a long term rental, repairs and maintenance issues are taken care of by the rental company. They do it to keep the vehicle safe from wear and tear. You can have it picked up from your doorstep upon the maintenance schedule and have it delivered back once it’s ready.


With the increasing costs of owning a vehicle, long-term rental solutions are becoming advantageous. If you need a vehicle for an extended period, EuroStar Rent-a-Car UAE provides dedicated assistance to respond to your every need and requirement. Contact us at 600 587004 (Abu Dhabi) or 600 587005 (Dubai) to choose luxury or economy car rental vehicles.