Best Gear for a Roadside Emergency

Let’s face it: nobody wants to be part of a roadside emergency especially when you use a rented  car. However, when it happens, you will thank yourself for having gear in your trunk that is ready for you to use. You would be surprised to note that having useful gear for roadside emergencies may mean the difference between getting stuck hours on the road or getting back on the road quickly.

For this reason, it is best to have a roadside emergency gear with you all the time. There are prepackaged emergency kits available in the market. Some rent a car companies in Dubai and in the UAE in general also provide them for you.

Here are some of the items you should have in your roadside emergency gear or kit.

  • Tire-pressure gauge – helps you keep the right pressure in your tire.
  • Scissor jack – in case you need to replace a flat tire, you have a handy tool to help you lift your vehicle.
  • Early warning device – to prevent an accident and ensure other people could see you, an early warning device such as the warning triangle could help.
  • Lug wrench – to help you take out the flat tire and place a new one, you would need a lug wrench.
  • First-aid kit – your first-aid kit should contain items you can use for minor scrapes and cuts. It should also enable you to provide initial treatment to a more serious injury.
  • Headlight – a headlight allows you to use both of your hands while working on your car.
  • Work gloves – aside from keeping your hands from dirt, work gloves are for your protection.
  • Raincoat – it doesn’t rain all the time, but if it does, you would be happy if you have a raincoat as you fix your car.
  • Tire inflator – when you tire loses pressure, a tire inflator could give you a quick fix as you move your car into safety.
  • Jumper cable – a dead battery can ruin your trip especially when you’re using an economy car rental You certainly don’t want to push your car down the hill or worse, up the hill. Use a jumper cable to jumpstart your car.
  • Multi-tool – a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife comes with various handy tools all wrapped in one. It’s super portable and you can even carry it in your pocket.
  • Escape tool –time is of the essence if you crash your car into the water. Make sure you have a tool to break the glass or cut a jammed seat belt.
  • Fire extinguisher – look for a small and lightweight fire extinguisher to help you put out vehicle fires. Who knows, you might as well be able to use your fire extinguisher when you see others who need help.
  • Cleanup items – rags, microfiber towels, tissue, wet wipes, and other cleanup items would be handy when you get yourself and car dirty.
  • Food – water bottles and energy bars would be needed if you are stuck on the road for a long time.
  • Storage bag – with all the various gear items mentioned in this blog, you need a place where you can put all of them. A storage bag can help you stay organised.

Final words                                   

Now that you know the different items that should be included in your roadside emergency kit, you would now have a safer trip. Be sure to know how to use your emergency gear and take time to check these items from time to time to ensure they are kept in good condition.

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