Can I Take The Rented Car Into Other Emirates?

With the pandemic not giving us opportunities to travel abroad, most of us are itching for a spontaneous escape. Thankfully, some attractions in the UAE have reopened and local day trips have commenced. People can now rent a car and drive across cities for an extended weekend getaway. The country’s convenient intercity highways make traveling by land the most preferred means to explore the different Emirates.

In terms of car hire, it is a quite competitive sector. Rental companies offer services at short-term (daily and weekly) or long-term (monthly and yearly), at affordable rates. More so, it’s a country where fuel is not really scarce, so petrol is cheap throughout the Emirates. It is a smarter way to go as a means of transport, especially for long drives. Consider the following tips when planning your road trip and booking your rental.

Kilometer Limit

Rental plans usually come with a limited kilometer. Short-distance day trips or within-the-city driving are allowing an average of 200km to 300 km per day, or 4,500 km per month. If you exceed the overall kilometer limit, there will be penalties. For instance, a one-way drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will cover 120 km to 180 km. This means there’s a chance you’ll go beyond the allowed limit on your trip back. For long drives, consider signing up for an unlimited kilometer plan.

Book Right Type of Vehicle

If you’re headed towards mountainous areas like Jebel Hafeet in Al-Ain or Jebel Al Jais in Ras-al-Khaimah, go for an SUV instead of an economy car rental. Some attractions only allow SUVs to pass through, so it’s important to book the right type of vehicle. If you’re going somewhere for the first time and unfamiliar with the roads, it might be safer to go in a 4WD since it’s built to handle all types of terrain. For extended trips, make sure the car has enough space for your luggage.

Do Thorough Car Inspection

Before your journey, make sure your rental is in top shape from inside out. Adventure-seekers going for a mountainous drive should check the car’s tire condition and brake-related components as it will be heavily used during descent. Ensure that all exterior lights are working properly to make night driving safe and convenient. It is also extremely important to check the car’s ac system, so the temperature is regulated.

Follow Driving Rules

Ignoring driving rules in any of the Emirates can carry serious fines and safety issues. In the UAE, you will be driving on the right-hand side of the road and passing on the left. If you’re traveling with kids between 4 to 8 years old, booster seats are necessary. Inform the rental company ahead of time so they can make the arrangements. Using a mobile phone while driving is not allowed unless it is through a hands-free set. More importantly, if you’re the driver, your blood alcohol level has to be zero at all times to avoid jail time.

Road trips can give you a chance to relax during these stressful times. Whether you want a quick vacation or spend several weeks in another city, renting a vehicle is always a great option. For affordable rentals or car lease deals, talk to the experts at EuroStar Rent-A-Car UAE. We offer a wide selection of vehicles available for a short term or long term rental. Call 600 587004 (Abu Dhabi) or 600 587005 (Dubai) today!