Can Someone Else Drive a Car That I Rent?

Sometimes, it is unavoidable that you get tired of driving and you let others drive. If you own the car, you can quickly make a switch. However, what if the car is not yours and you just use short or long term car rental Dubai service? Can someone else drive your rented car?

The short answer is yes. However, before you switch seats and let others drive, there are a few things you should remember.

Who is the main driver?

The main driver is the person named in the rental agreement or contract. Whether it is for luxury or economy car rental, the main driver is the one who signs the agreement. In most cases, the main driver is the same person who makes the booking, paid for the rented car, picked up the car, and brought it back to the rental company.

Adding a driver

Most car rental companies allow their customers to have additional drivers of up to three person per car. Others would even allow more than that. There is usually a fee that comes with this special arrangement. However, if you search enough, there are those companies that might offer a special deal and allows you to get an additional driver for free. Some cheap car rentals have this type of promos.

How to add a driver?

The additional driver needs to meet the same legal requirements as the main driver. They must be of the right age and should have a valid driving licence. Conditions may vary though. So, make sure you check with your car rental company.

The general procedure of adding a driver would depend on the company you are booking the car with. For example, you can add an additional driver online or simply do it upon booking in person or getting the car.

If you have already started your trip, there is still a chance for you to add an extra driver. You simply need to get in touch with your provider to make the necessary arrangement.

Finding the right car rental company

It is rare to find a car rental company that is flexible enough to meet your specific needs, preference, and budget. However, many people are happy to know that they can always choose Eurostar.

Eurostar is among the leading car rental Dubai service providers who have a huge selection of vehicles. They have the right knowledge, expertise, and facilities to ensure you have all your needs met.

If ever you need to have an additional driver(s), you would need to provide driving licence, PP copy with visa page, and EID. After quick document verification, your additional driver is ready to go.

So, give them Eurostar a call now and see how you will be able to have a better, safer, and happier trip in the UAE!