Can Someone Else Drive My Rental Car?

Traveling via rental car is the most convenient, not to mention an affordable way to get around the UAE. While public transportation in the country is reliable enough, it only covers limited destinations. More so, opting for a taxi can take a heavy toll on your budget, especially if you have a lot on your must-visit list. When it comes to car hire, it offers the best experiences. You can choose from the most economical to luxury vehicle models at very competitive prices. Gasoline is also cheaper than in other parts of the world, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on a road trip.

Who is the primary driver?

In booking a luxury or economy car rental, it’s important to prepare the necessary documents such as your residential or visit visa, passport, driving license, or international driving permit (for non-residents). The one who signs the rental agreement shall be considered the main driver and legally responsible for the vehicle. For most car rental companies, only the registered driver can drive the rental. If the car meets an unfortunate accident and the person in the driver’s seat is not the registered driver, the police could hold you accountable and incur fines.


How can I share the driving load?

If it’s going to be a long-distance drive and you want to share the load with someone else, then you can register an extra driver. Car rental companies usually allow up to three additional drivers for one rental. The extra drivers should also register and submit the same required documents (visa, passport, driving license, and international driving permit) as the main driver. There’s usually a daily fee per additional person, but rates and conditions may vary depending on the rental provider. It’s always good to check their websites for special deals and discounts on additional drivers.


Who can be my extra driver?

Anyone qualified to drive in the UAE can be your extra driver. As a general rule, a driver needs to be at least 21 years old to rent a car. More so, he should have held a full driving license for at least two years. If he’s from a neighboring country, a valid GCC country-issued license is required. Other nationals will be required to present their international driving license along with other documents. Not all international licenses are honored, so it’s best to check your license status with the rental company before booking.


How do I add an additional driver?

The process of adding drivers differs among rental companies. For some, clients can directly add them online with their booking, wherein you also have to pay for each extra driver. The extra costs usually cover the extra insurance required, but you can check it with the rental agent. For other providers, clients will have to register each additional driver on the rental counter. It’s because their presence might be necessary during the signing of the rental agreement.


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