Compact vs Economy Rental Car

Compact or economy rental car: which one is perfect for you? To answer this question, you would need to make sure that you understand very well the difference between these types of cars. After all, a compact and economy car look similar at first glance. They are even both economical and fuel-efficient to drive. So before you decide whether you get a Skoda for rent in UAE, read this post to learn more.

Differences between compact and economy cars

Generally speaking, a compact car is larger than economy cars. Four passengers can comfortably get into an economy car, provided that they are 1-2 adults and small children. For compact class cars, they can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers such as what you see in Hyundai for rent.

Now, let’s go to the luggage capacity. The compact car comes with about 12-14 cubic feet of luggage. It’s enough to accommodate small carry-on bags, medium suitcase, and one large suitcase. On the other hand, the economy car can handle the same load except for the one large suitcase.

When it comes to fuel economy, obviously, as its name suggests, economy cars are more efficient than compact cars. To give you an idea, economy rental cars can give you 30-35 miles per gallon, while compact cars give you 25-30 miles per gallon.

Which one is cheaper to rent? Both are almost in the same price range but economy cars slightly cheaper. The factors that might simply affect the price would depend on the features that come with your chosen car.

Which one should you choose?

Now that you have a general idea of the difference between compact and economy rental cars, you probably have an idea which one to choose. However, just in case you are still scratching your head, here are a few things to remember when choosing among car brands such as Toyota for rent in UAE.

Economy cars are usually ideal for driving within cities and towns in Dubai. The same is true with compact cars. Perhaps, the deal breaker is the number of people who are travelling with you. For couples and small families, economy cars would be enough. However, if you need a bigger head and leg room, then compact cars are the right way to go.

Of course, if you are tight on budget and want to save on fuel, economy cars would be a better choice. Using a compact car could give you a more comfortable ride as it comes with larger rooms and more features. If you value comfort and don’t mind to spend a few more bucks, then choose compact cars.

Getting the right car for you

If you want to further explore your options, the best way to do this is get a firsthand look at each car. Thankfully, EuroStar is here for you. They have a wide range of selections when it comes to compact and economy cars. They offer different packages to meet your specific needs, preference, and budget. They also have other vehicles, from sedans to SUVs and brands from Audi to Kia for rent. Give them a call today!