Did You Know That EuroStar Also Sell Used Cars?

A new car loses thousands of dirhams in value the moment you drive it off the lot. This is why pre-owned cars for sale are much better bargains – especially in the UAE.

Emirates see a steady stream of expats and foreigners leaving brand new vehicles behind once they go back to their home countries. This opens up countless opportunities for buyers to find used cars in brand new condition, at affordable rates.

EuroStar Rent A Car, listed among the top rental companies in the UAE, also sells used cars of the highest quality. They have been a trusted source of rental cars for decades, offering the most luxurious models to the most economical.


EuroStar sites several advantages of buying a pre-owned vehicle:
  • Save on costs – Used cars are 50 percent cheaper than brand new cars on average. This means you would be able to pay it off faster and save on financing fees. A budget of Dh30,000 can already buy you a decent car. Meanwhile, the average price of new cars starts well above Dh30,000.
  • Less depreciation – You can lose 10 to 15 percent off a new car’s value from the dealer on the drive home. It means the Dh30,000 you paid for is worth only Dh25,500 once it leaves the dealership. While a used car still depreciates, you will lose far less money.
  • No hidden fees – Most of the new cars offered today come with expensive charges such as destination fees, dealer preparation, and a cost for shipping. Pre-owned cars do not ask for these kinds of costs.
  • Inspected and certified – The used cars EuroStar sells go through a series of tests, thorough inspections, refurbishment, and certification. EuroStar assure buyers that what they are getting is a high quality pre-owned vehicle that is also a bargain.

Choosing between a new or used car for sale is an important decision that can affect your finances over the next few years. It is important to realize that spending on a vehicle is not an investment. This makes pre-owned vehicles a much better option. Make the most out of your purchase by choosing a trusted agent.

EuroStar features high-quality used cars that can be your next ride! If your desired vehicle is not found on our pre-owned list, head on to our rental section. We have a wide selection of car brands such as Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.

We also offer flexible leasing plans that allow you to choose the vehicle of your choice. Leasing can be arranged from one up to five years. Talk to us today to learn more!