Diesel vs. Gas Vehicles – Know the Difference Before Renting

Browsing through cheap car rentals and can’t decide whether to drive a diesel or gas-powered vehicle? Consumers do not always understand the differences between the two. However, it is often a matter of economy and personal preference.

There is a long-standing misconception that diesel cars are smellier and noisier than gas-powered vehicles. But this has been dispelled by new automotive innovations. Once you have driven both engine types, you should find that differences are barely noticeable.

To help guide you through the gas vs. diesel dilemma, car for hire in the UAE organizations suggest the following factors to consider:


1. How far is your trip?

Before booking in an economy car rental sites, estimate the number of miles that you will cover throughout your trip. If economy is your main concern, choose diesel engines as they are more efficient. A diesel-powered car can offer a lower cost per kilometer than its gasoline counterpart. This means the vehicle will cover more miles per gallon so the volume of fuel you need will be less. Diesel can give you an economic advantage for longer trips.

2. What road will you use?

The type of road you will be using during the trip should also be considered. If most of the driving will be on smaller roads, either in cities or towns, gas-powered cars are better suited. It has quick acceleration and frequent stops and starts won’t affect performance.

When it comes to highway driving, diesel-powered vehicles are more recommended. Longer and steadier drives maintain the efficiency of the engine. For instance, a 30-50 drive at high speed will allow a diesel engine’s temperature to burn off soot buildup on the filter.

3. Is the landscape challenging?

Apart from roads, it’s also important to expect the landscape or terrain that you will pass through. If your trip is going to take you to hilly areas or tough terrains such as sand dunes or snow, a diesel car is the best option. Diesel offers more torque which is the “shove” needed to accelerate. In rough landscapes, diesel also makes the ride seem smoother than it really is.


If you are still unsure about which vehicle to hire, talk to the rental company. They will help you choose the best car suited to your driving experience and conditions. Looking to rent a car in Al Ain? EuroStar Car Rental offers a wide range of sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even minivans for your travel needs! Call us today for more information.