Do Car Rental Companies Charge For Scratches?

Hiring an economy car rental has become part of the UAE’s norm, whether for work or pleasure. It can be a liberating experience, releasing you from reliance of public transport. But it can also be a worrying time. During the rental period, you are responsible for the vehicle, and there is always the possibility of damaging it, regardless if it’s your fault or not. If you notice a scratch or dent on the car which wasn’t there when you collected it, you could be facing a hefty charge. Thus, it is important to understand what’s written in the agreement to help you avoid unnecessary costs upon return.

What if you’re renting the car and it gets scratched under your watch? Will the car rental company charge you for the damage? Well, it depends if you signed up for comprehensive insurance. It’s a popular policy to rent a car company in the UAE. It can cover everything in case of an accident, including scratches, if you have a police report. If it is your fault, you will only pay for the excess amount, which may differ according to the car type. Nevertheless, what is covered under a comprehensive policy may vary, so it’s crucial to discuss the car rental company’s details.


To avoid having to deal with damages such as scratches, dents, dings, or other marks, consider the following tips when booking a car rental:

Inspection upon pick-up. When renting a car, you agree to return it in the same condition you received it. Thus, rental companies include in the agreement that customers should thoroughly inspect the vehicle for existing damage. Take note of scratches, dents, and other flaws, and have the agent mark these on the rental agreement before you sign.

Inspection upon return. It is just as important to inspect the vehicle with the staff upon return thoroughly. You may have unknowingly damaged the rental car, or a careless driver may have damaged it. Take note of any new marks with the staff and sign the check-in form when the inspection is complete. You are responsible for the repair cost of any additional damage. But if you’re covered by insurance, you are absolved from responsibility.

To decide if comprehensive insurance is necessary, evaluate your risks. If you’re a careful driver and experienced enough, you may not need one at all. If you’re not used to driving in a new environment and find it difficult to e.g., park properly, getting coverage will be helpful. It’s a small price to pay for your peace of mind. The good thing about booking a cheap car rental in the UAE is that risks are minimal and limited. Its cities are designed for cars, with a great road network that guarantees safety. The diverse nationalities of drivers ensure that road signs are easily readable and comprehensible.


Damage to a short term or monthly car rental is something that rental companies take very seriously. Learn your options on how to protect yourself with the help of EuroStar Rent-A-Car UAE. We offer services that allow you to enjoy different varieties of vehicles. Call 600 587004 (Abu Dhabi) or 600 587005 (Dubai) today!