Guidelines for Driving in Dubai

Are you new in Dubai and you need cheap car rentals? If yes, you need to know the different guidelines for driving in Dubai first. While Dubai has a superb transportation infrastructure and system, it pays a lot to know its unique driving rules. If you are not careful, you might end up meeting an accident if not getting a hefty traffic fine.

In this post, learn the different driving rules and guidelines you should know while in Dubai.

 Eligibility requirements needed to legally drive

Since you are a foreign visitor in Dubai, you would most probably need an international driving licence or any licence from an approved country. For locals, a UAE license is sufficient. Moreover, make sure that you have all the relevant car and insurance documents on hand while driving.

Never overtake a vehicle from the right side

If you want to overtake a vehicle in front of you, you need to do so from the left side. If you use the right side, that would be considered as a traffic violation.

While driving, you might see other drivers overtaking from the right side, but you should not follow them. You don’t want to get caught and add black marks on your driving record.

Observe speed limits

You can easily know what speed limit to follow since speed limit signs are commonly displayed on the road. As a general rule, speed limits within towns are around 60 to 80kph while on the main roads or highways, they may range from 100 to 120kph.

Please note that you can get a fine not just when you over speed, but also when you drive below the limit. Thus, if you drive a Kia for rent in UAE or any vehicle, be careful that you follow speed limits.

Driving with children

Children who are 13 years old and younger are not allowed to sit in the passenger seat while children whose age is between 4 and 8 should use a booster seat.

Never throw anything on the road

Dubai gives high importance to the cleanliness of their city. For this reason, if you are caught throwing garbage, leftover food, and anything on the road, you can be fined as much as AED 1,000 for the violation.

Understand road signs

If you are new in Dubai, you would most likely be overwhelmed with the many roads, streets, and places you have to navigate just to get to your destination. Thankfully, you have road signs to help you.

The blue signs indicate routes going outside Dubai while green signs direct drivers to places within Dubai. Brown signs indicate that there is a heritage site, tourist spot, hospital, or places of interest nearby.

When you rent a car in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and you get somewhat lost, it pays to know basic directions. Remember that Sharjah is north of Dubai, Abu Dhabi is to the south, the desert is to the east, and the beach is to the west.

Finding a car to drive

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