How Can I Safely Rent a Car During the Pandemic?

Because of the pandemic, people are trying to avoid air travel and crowded public transportation. The best option is to drive alone or with family members to reduce the risk of infection from strangers. Before making any reservations with a car rental company, look into their current health and safety protocols. Choose a provider that has instituted enhanced forms of sanitation to protect its customers against COVID-19.

Are they following the guidelines set forth by the local health department? Do they ‘quarantine’ vehicles in between renters? Does their disinfecting process include the use of hospital-grade sterilizing solutions? What is their new policy in terms of picking up the rented vehicle and dropping it off? These are some critical questions to ask.


Keep the following tips in mind in case you sign up for a monthly car rental:

Disinfect exterior touchpoints

Upon picking up the vehicle, make sure to disinfect all possible touchpoints on the exterior of the car, including the door, handles, side mirrors, gas cap, and latch on the trunk. Wear gloves and use disinfectant wipes to sanitize the surfaces in question. Let the sanitizing solution stay on for no less than five minutes to be truly disinfected. Make sure to carefully remove your gloves afterward and dispose of them properly in a nearby trash can.

Disinfect interior touchpoints

Get to the driver’s side of the vehicle and immediately roll down the windows to ventilate the interior space. The flow of air will help displace any potentially infectious airborne particles inside the car. Proceed to disinfect the steering wheel, gear shift, and other buttons that are commonly maneuvered when driving. Don’t forget to pass over vents, radio, and other dashboard controls. All interior door handles, window controls, and passenger controls in the backseat also need to be disinfected.

Do not touch your face until hands are washed

Doctors explain that dried-up SARS-CoV-2 particles can stay on porous surfaces of a vehicle even after thorough disinfection. Recent studies have shown that the virus may be viable on plastic and metal surfaces for up to three days. But unlike airborne droplets, dried-up particles can only be a threat if you touch your face or any mucus membrane with unwashed hands. So, to be safe, it’s best to practice proper handwashing.

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