How Do I Know If My Rental Car is Clean and Safe?

Rent a car company in Al Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities sees a large influx of customers this pandemic. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, travelers are leaning towards car rentals rather than risk crowded public transportation and flights. Doing so limits their exposure to others and allowing them to keep a safe distance. But how would you know if the car is clean and virus-free? In the past, dropped off rental cars were likely just washed (exterior), wiped clean (interior), and deodorized before handed to the next user. But now, renters need a whole new level of clean to ensure that every corner of the vehicle, from the steering wheel to the gas caps, are thoroughly disinfected.

Take precautions when renting a car.

Many rent a car have made enhancements to their already meticulous cleaning protocols. Before booking a rental, check the car rental company’s website for any new information on their cleaning process. You may also call their hotline to know how they clean and disinfect their vehicles. Are they following cleaning guidelines set forth by the local health authorities? Are they using government-approved antimicrobial or disinfection products proven effective against coronavirus? How long do they hold a newly returned vehicle before handing it over to a new customer? The turnover time for the car should be at least a day and not minutes. Hopefully, their answers will reassure you of safeguards about specific COVID-19 protocols and help you decide whether to continue booking with them.

Create a personal checklist to keep yourself safe

Create a cleaning checklist you can perform when you pick up your rental car. According to monthly car rental companies, the rule of thumb is to disinfect the places you come into contact with the most. Start with the touchpoints on the exterior of the car, including the door handles, side mirrors, car trunk latch, and gas cap. It might be a good idea to wear gloves while sanitizing. Next, roll down the windows to ventilate the interior space and displace any potentially infectious airborne particles. Then, proceed to disinfect all drivers’ controls such as the steering wheel, gear shift, and the rest of the dashboard and interior touchpoints. Make sure not to touch your face while cleaning and wash your hands afterward when possible.

What’s reassuring for renters is that the risk of acquiring COVID-19 through inanimate objects is relatively low. Virus on surfaces dies off over time and are very susceptible to the right disinfectant agents. If you’re looking for long term car rental Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or Dubai providers that offer clean, sanitized vehicles, the team at EuroStar Rent-A-Car UAE can help! We have a wide selection of cars for rent, from the luxurious to the most economical models. Contact 600 587 004 for more information!