How Does Unlimited Mileage Work – Car Hire UAE

Planning to rent a car for a long road trip but worried about mileage penalties?

Car rental deals vary drastically from size and type of the vehicle, manual or automatic transmission, to whether or not you should sign up for additional insurance. But if you’ve ever looked for new rental plans online, there are new options when it comes to mileage policies – limited and unlimited. So how does it work?


Limited Mileage Economy Car Rental

The usual rental plans most people recognize comes with a limited mileage. It is much cheaper than unlimited plans. In Dubai, car renters are allowed up to an average of 4,500 kilometers limit per month. This is ideal for short-distance day trips or within-the-city driving.

If you choose a limited mileage plan and accidentally, or purposefully, went beyond the amount of kilometers allowed, there will be penalties. Rental companies charge an extra fee for every additional kilometer taken. Make sure to read through the contract as fees may vary from one company to another.


Unlimited Mileage Car Rental

There are car rental companies in the UAE that allow unlimited mileage within a specific emirate(s). It means you can drive as much as you want without incurring penalties. This is ideal for people going on long road trips or those who simply don’t want to stress about mileage.

The unlimited mileage plan may not be available for all car classes. Most of the time, it comes with everyday vehicles. But there are rental companies in Dubai that allow unlimited mileage for premium or luxury cars. It’s best to research ahead when planning to book one.


What Is Better – Limited or Unlimited?

In choosing a mileage plan, there are several factors to consider such as how you’re planning to use the car, the price, and for how long. You can always plan your journey in advance and figure out the distance you’ll cover in your car rental. This way, you can determine the better option. If there’s a chance you’ll exceed the average mileage limit, going unlimited is only right.


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