How Important is Air Conditioning in a Rental Car?

Are you looking for car rental Al Ain or UAE services? If you want to have a comfortable and enjoyable ride, you need to make sure the air conditioning works well.

But you may ask, “How important is air conditioning really in the UAE especially if you are renting a car?”

This is exactly what you are going to learn through this post.

A brief background of the UAE’s climate

It is no secret that the UAE is situated in a desert. Thus, it generally experiences a desert climate throughout the year. Its winter months are mild while its summer can get very hot and sunny. To make things worse, the humid climate of the Persian Gulf can make summer months unbearable to many.

When it comes to rain, its annual precipitation is below 100 millimeters. It is rare to rain in the UAE and if it does, it is most likely to happen in the winter.

If you are going to travel in and around the UAE, remember that the hottest months are July and August. Temperature can easily reach above 45°C (113 °F).

Why you should pay attention to the air conditioning in your rental car?

Now you are starting to know why it is important to check the air conditioning unit when you choose a rent a car in Al Ain.

As you can imagine, the UAE has a dominant humid and hot weather. If you want to be comfortable when you travel around in the country, you would need to make sure that the AC of your rental car is in good condition.

Now, air conditioners are not only for your comfort but for your safety as well. During summer, it is common to see patients coming in the hospital due to intense heat exposure. People who go out of their dwellings are especially more prone to developing heat stroke. This includes people traveling using their cars.

With this in mind, it is not hard to imagine why you really need an effective air conditioning system in your rental vehicle.

How to check the air conditioning of a rental car?

Thankfully, car rental dealers in the UAE know very well the importance of air conditioning. Thus, it is not difficult to find luxury or economy car rental units equipped with a good AC system. As this might be the case, you might still want to check the AC system yourself.

Before choosing a car, try to turn on the AC. Check all buttons if they are working properly. Turn on the AC. Note if it is blowing cold air or not. Wait inside the car for about 5 minutes and get an idea of how cold it can get. From there, you should be able to know whether the car is a good choice or not.

If you want to check the AC deeper, run the engine. Turn on the AC. Take note whether the compressor clutch engages or not. If the compressor clutch does not engage, it means there’s a problem with the refrigerant condition or the electrical system. This should raise a red flag.

Looking for the right car?

The air conditioning system of a car is an essential element that you should not fail to check. Thankfully, you can make a surer choice when you choose Eurostar. We are among the leading rent a car companies in the UAE. They offer quality cars with excellent air conditioning. Not only that, but they provide a wide range of cars that you will surely love. Give them a call now to learn more!