I Would Like to Keep My Rental Vehicle for a Few Days Longer; Is that Possible?

Sometimes your day doesn’t always go according to plan. The same is true when you rent a car in Dubai. You might have initially planned to use it for a certain amount of time. Then, plans changed at the last minute.

When this happens, you might wonder, “Is it possible to keep my rental vehicle for a few days longer?” The quick answer is yes. You can keep your rented car longer.

Before your trip starts

It is possible for you to extend your rental vehicle’s term before your trip starts. You would need to contact your chosen car rental company and let them know about your change of plan.

Please note that when you change something in your initial booking, daily rates or the entire contract price would also change. Generally speaking, the closer your trip is, the higher the price might be.

So, in this case, your new rate might be higher and it is more likely that the rental company won’t simply add extra time on your rental at the same price. So, in this case, if the additional expense might be too much, you might consider getting an economy car rental instead.

When you pick up the car

Another possibility is to extend your rental when you pick up the car. What you need to do is speak to the counter staff when you arrive in their office and about to receive the vehicle.

From there, the staff would tell you whether you can keep the same car or you will choose a different one once your initial booking is up. If it is the former, the ‘last-minute’ rate, which could be higher, might apply.

Now, if the car rental provider tells you that you need to pick up a different car at the end of your initial booking, you would need to sign a new rental agreement.

When you already have the car

If you already have the car and you need to extend your rental duration, you can simply contact your rental company. They can tell you whether you can keep the car or you need to drop it off as originally scheduled and pick up another one like a Nissan for rent in Dubai. In this case, you would need to sign a new contract and a higher fee might apply.

Getting the right car for you

There’s no doubt that plans may change and there are things that are just beyond your control. When this happens, it is good to have a car rental company that understands your situation. Thankfully, this car rental company is just within your reach.

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