Make Your Car Rental in Summer Easy

Are you looking for cheap car rentals for your summer getaway?

Summer could be a good time to get out on the open road with family or friends and explore UAE destinations you haven’t been to before. Driving from the city to remote locations will give you the chance to experience the country’s smooth wide highways with their lush green median strips. Not to mention you get the chance to enjoy brilliant desert scenery, colossal dunes, and maybe see grazing camels along the way.

Luckily, summer is a season for great car rental deals. Nothing beats a road trip wherein you have the freedom and independence of driving your vehicle. The car rental industry in the UAE is quite a competitive sector. You can choose from a fantastic range of cars from top quality manufacturers. From an economy car rental to the most luxurious brand, they have it all! So, gather your family or buddies and decide on the route to take, stopovers, places to go, and follow these tips for an easy summer car rental:

Book the right vehicle

It’s important to define your travel needs before focusing on the car to rent – the number of passengers, the number of luggage, the distance, the terrain, etc. A larger vehicle will have more space for your luggage and family members. If you’re not sure about what the roads will be like, it’s safer to go in a 4×4 because it is built to handle all types of terrain.

Book in advance

To secure the vehicle you need at an affordable price, make sure to book several weeks in advance. Summer is a busy season for travelers, and there will be a lot of people who will try to book a car. The process is easy for most rental companies in the UAE. Just go to their booking site, choose the vehicle, enter the dates of your rental, pick-up and drop-off times, and you’re all set!

Prepare your documents

There is several paperwork to sort through before you can rent a car in the UAE. Only those who are 21 years old or older can rent a car. If your home country is found in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC) list or a European country, you can drive using your driving license. Otherwise, you have to secure an international driving license.


What is summer without a little spontaneity? As they say, it’s not always about the destination, but the journey. Imagine having to enjoy a traffic-free road, with your favorite track playing, as you have your loved ones with you, perfect. So, start planning your road trip today with Eurostar Rent A Car. We have an extensive range of vehicles, from the most luxurious models to the most economical. Check our special offers today by calling 02 6455855.