Online Payment Can Unlock a Cheaper Car Rental

Renting a car can sometimes be overwhelming. Instructions may seem simple enough on paper, but they can be confusing and more expensive than you’d expect. The price you see isn’t always the amount you pay, especially when you factor in additional fees and extra charges. Finding cheap car rentals is similar to finding deals on airline tickets and hotel rooms. Some websites let you book the best rates and rental companies that give you big discounts. One of the easiest ways to save is to pay in advance online. 


Prepaying for your long or short-term car rental online allows you to take advantage of lower prices. It simply means you pay for your rental all upfront. Rental companies offer advanced payment discounts because, aside from getting the payment, it becomes easier for them to manage inventory. As with airline prices, rental car rates peak during the summer or the holidays. So, if you book at the last minute, you will end up paying a lot more overall, and you’re only left with a few vehicle options. 


Here are some reasons why to book your car rental early and make an advance payment online: 


Get lower rates

Special rates are offered to prepaying customers. Rental companies provide 10 to 20 percent off the cost of the rental vehicle when you prepay online. It lets you book a vehicle at a much lower cost than booking it over the counter upon arrival. For instance, an AUDI A8 with a standard daily rate of AED 1,260 can drop down to AED 1,135 per day. This will save you some extra cash to spend on your trip instead. 


Get more options

By securing a reservation ahead of time, you are more likely to find more car rental categories available that are within your set budget. Prepaying online greatly helps if you have a specific car type in mind. For example, vehicles in the economy car rental category are the most demanded by customers for their many perks. They will be hard to book if you do not make a reservation early. 


Get more organized

When travel plans are done weeks or months in advance, from booking your hotel, listing your itinerary to prepaying your car rental, you will get that satisfaction of being well-organized. You can avoid the hassles of last-minute bookings and give you more time to think of your daily plan and make the most of your trip. With enough time, you also leave room for amendment actions. 


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