Pickup vs SUV

You are torn between two options: should you go for a pickup or SUV rental Dubai service? The decision can be difficult to make especially when you consider the pros and cons of each type of vehicle.

Thankfully, it is possible to make the right decision when choosing between a pickup and an SUV. All you need to do is to understand what each vehicle does best and doesn’t. In this post, learn more about pickup trucks and SUVs to know which one you should choose.


Both pickups and SUVs are bigger vehicles. Thus, they have a higher level of safety compared to smaller and lighter cars for rent in UAE. While both can be safer vehicles to use, the SUV has a slight advantage over pickup trucks.

Pickup trucks typically don’t have a full-size back seat, which is considered to be the safest place for passengers in case of an accident. Moreover, pickup trucks are less likely to have some safety features such as side-impact airbags, traction control, and antilock braking systems. These features are usually present in SUVs, especially those that belong to the high-end family.


Obviously, when it comes to cargo and loading capacity, pickup is the winner. After all, this is the main strength of pickup trucks. Loading and unloading are easier. Not only that, but bigger and bulkier objects can fit in a pickup.

Perhaps, the advantage of an SUV is that those objects loaded in it are not exposed to the external environment and elements. Fragile and delicate cargos are also safer in SUVs.


SUVs have a better distribution of weight throughout its body. When a pickup truck’s cargo bed is empty, the weight is concentrated in front. This affects traction and handling. So, in this category, SUV could have a greater advantage over pickup trucks. Of course, if you don’t drive too fast, handling difference is not that obvious.

Fuel economy

There’s no clear winner when it comes to fuel efficiency between pickups and SUVs. If you go with the hybrid SUVs, then they can be more fuel-efficient. Nevertheless, hybrid SUVs are more expensive. Moreover, if you compare large SUVs to the worst standard pickups, the latter is the winner.

With the different types and models of SUVs and pickups available, it is difficult to say which one has the upper hand. Obviously, if you really need to save on gas, you might want to consider getting a car hire in UAE service instead.


To give more space for cargo, pickups sacrifice its seating capacity. If you need to travel with more passengers or you have a big family, an SUV could be the better choice.

Power and durability

Pickup trucks are designed for heavier jobs. Not only that, but there are places that pickup trucks can go where no SUVs dare to go. Because of the rear bed and cab are separated in pickup trucks, it can withstand, carry, and even pull a lot of loads.

Should you rent an SUV or pickup?

The answer to this question is a case by case basis. It would be important to first assess your needs and preference to ensure you get the right vehicle. Thankfully, if you need to rent a car, pickup, or SUV, Eurostar is here to guide you. We are among the best car rental service providers in the UAE. We have a wide selection of SUVs and pickups. Give us a call today!