Rent a Car – Fuel Policies

One of the reasons why both locals and tourists choose to rent a car in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other parts of the UAE, is because of cheap fuel. After all, it is a country where fuel is not scarce. The average value of fuel for the second quarter of 2020 is 1.88 AED per liter. To compare, the average price of gasoline in other parts of the world is 4.27 AED. This is why rentals are considered a more affordable option if you plan on traveling around a lot.

In most cases, the renter pays for the fuel expenses. But as mentioned, costs are quite low anyway so it should not be much of a worry. Fuel policies for economy car rental companies may vary. Here are some of the common policies you will encounter and what they mean:

  1. Pre-purchase, full refund

With this arrangement, the tank is already filled up when you pick up the car. The client is also charged for the amount of petrol in the tank. Upon return of the vehicle, the value of fuel that hasn’t been used will be refunded. Make sure to review the policy as some rental companies measure by the eights of a tank. It’s best to ask the provider to have it in writing to ensure you understand that you don’t have to pay for petrol you won’t use.

  1. Pre-purchase, partial refund

With this arrangement, the client is charged for the fuel that is already in the tank and an additional service fee for refueling purposes. Upon return of the vehicle, you will be refunded for the unused fuel but not the service charge, which can range from 30-40 AED.

  1. Full to full, fair and safe option

This policy means that the rental company provides a full or near to full tank of fuel upon the vehicle’s pick up. At the end of the rental, you need to drop it off with a full tank or with the same level of petrol it had when you picked it up. The company usually takes a deposit for the fuel, so make sure to keep the receipts of any petrol purchases you make.

  1. Full to empty, pre-purchase

Although this is not a common practice, there are still companies that offer this option. With this policy, the vehicle will have a full tank of petrol upon pick-up charged to the client. You need to return the car as empty as possible, as there will be no refund for the fuel that is not used.

A majority of rent a car companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai practice the full-to-full fuel policy to avoid confusion and be fair. Upon collection, remember to check with the staff the type of fuel you must refill. More so, upon return, make sure to ask the fuel station staff to help you pick the right petrol. Otherwise, the rental company will charge you for the cost of repairs.


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