Rent a Car in Dubai – Mid-Size SUV vs Compact SUV

When booking a rent a car companies in Dubai, it is important to know whether a midsize vehicle, a compact type, or something larger is the best option. Consider the usage that you may have planned, be it business or pleasure? There should be enough space for all your passengers and of course, your luggage.

Car hire Dubai experts advise not renting a vehicle that’s more than you need. As the size of the vehicle gets bigger and more specialized, rates get higher too. If a compact size car suffice for your passengers and luggage, renting a midsize SUV is not necessary. But how do you know?


Compact SUV

A compact SUV, which belongs to a class of small sport utility vehicles, is larger than mini SUVs, but smaller than midsize SUVs. It is also referred to as a “crossover” as it combines the features of a standard car and full-sized SUV. Compact SUVs have far more storage than any car could offer. This means it can carry everything you could possibly need for a long trip.

In a compact SUV, four to five adults can experience comfortable seating with plenty of legroom. Another advantage is that it uses fuel more conservatively, mostly because of its size. Many compact models have also all-wheel drive available, for a better handling on the road, even during poor weather.


Midsize SUV

Midsize SUVs are smaller than standard SUVs but bigger than compact types. They take the best parts of their compact versions and add even more interior space. This means increased storage and comfort for passengers.

Midsize SUVs may be smaller than standard SUV’s, but their design is maximized to keep the same all-important features. They can also handle off-road travels like compact ones due to their more powerful engines. They offer a combination of speed, durability, and power.


What to Choose

It is worth researching both SUV types before making a final decision. It all comes down to your individual requirements. If you’re planning some off-road adventures and need room for your gear, a midsize SUV is often the best option. If you’re used driving smaller vehicles and your trip only requires city driving, you can settle for a compact type.

If you are still unsure about which vehicle to hire, call EuroStar Car Rental in Dubai and they will assist you in getting the best car suited to your driving needs. They offer a wide range of vehicle types from full size, midsize, compact, and luxury SUVs! Call us today for more information.