Should you buy a car rental company’s insurance?

Many car rental companies in Dubai offer insurance that come with their services. However, not all customers buy any of these insurance policies. Among these reasons could be that people already have insurance policies in place from their credit card or personal insurance providers. Sometimes, the extra insurance fees are too much for people to pay.

Before you decide to buy or not to buy an insurance policy offered by your car rental company, it would be a good idea to read this post.

Now, the number one reason that you should get a rent a car Deira insurance is if you don’t have insurance policy yet. Yes, there are credit cards that come with complimentary travel insurance. But what if you don’t have this type of insurance? Then the problem will occur you when the need for insurance arises.

There’s no doubt that no one wants to get involved in an accident, but accidents do happen and it happens in the most unexpected way. Thus, when accidents do happen, you would be glad having an insurance in place.

But what if you already have a policy in place? You would need to check the terms and conditions of your existing policy. In most cases, credit card complimentary travel insurance policies come with a limited cover. Some don’t automatically cover you for rental excess. In some cases, you may not be covered for liabilities – things that may bring you to court.

If you want to drive in the UAE with further peace of mind, you should consider getting a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW insurance). This policy allows you to be off the hook if there is any accidental damage to the car during a collision whether you are at fault or not. CDW is commonly an add-on on top of your standard insurance package. Though it may cost you additional money, it would be worth it especially if you want to drive with no worries on the road.

It is worth noting though that most car rental companies in Dubai and in the UAE in general include standard insurance to their car rental price. If you’re getting a car that’s below the market rate, then it is wise to assume that the insurance may not be included. As this might be the case, it would be good to confirm this with your car hire company to be sure.

Now, after reading this post, you should know why you should buy an insurance policy offered by your car hire company. It really comes down to your personal needs, preference, and of course, budget. If it is money that you are worried about, perhaps you can consider getting economy car rental services to lower your cost and have enough money to buy additional insurance cover.

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