Should You Rent An Automatic Rent A Car?

When booking with car rental companies, you will be given a choice between manual or automatic transmission. Manual cars require drivers to shift gears manually using a gear stick and clutch pedal. Automatic vehicles this work for you. It doesn’t have a clutch pedal and automatically changes gears, depending on the speed the driver is traveling.

There’s a significant difference between driving a manual and automatic. Your choice will depend on factors such as driving ability, destination, comfort, cost, and preference. So, deciding to rent a car, it’s best to look at the general benefits and decide which to apply to your journey.

Price – Rental rates for the manual transmission are a bit lower. This is because the UAE is generally a manual dominated vehicle country. Manual transmission cars are more difficult to find. Some car rental companies have transmission cars in their fleet as they represent a cheaper preposition.

Control – The UAE boasts a fantastic road network and high-quality highways, which are perfect for driving. Most remote roads allow drivers to have that wild speeding experience. If you want more control over the pace and quickly speed up in open roads, a manual shift is a better option. If you wish to a pleasant ride without any stuttering, go for an automatic.

Fuel Economy – When driven correctly, manual transmissions can be more fuel-efficient than automatic vehicles. It has something to do with being able to change gears and accelerate faster. However, the UAE is a country where fuel is rather affordable compared to European countries where you find a heavy tax burden on fuel. More so, advancement in automatic technology will eventually bridge this gap.

Experience – Those who are new to driving will find it easier to drive an automatic economy car rental. People with less experience can find it hard to focus on the road while holding the steering, moving the gear stick, and stepping on the clutch at the same time. Automatic cars offer convenience because they are simple to operate. You just have to select D for drive.

Destination – If you’re renting for a trip just around the city, automatic cars are a more suitable option. Heavy traffic during peak hours will make it difficult for you to control a manual vehicle as you may find yourself shifting gears now and then. Automatic cars require less effort so you can easily navigate around tricky junctions and other traffic safely.

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