Staycation with a Car Rental Dubai

Going on a five-day trip to Paris may sound exciting and flying to Morocco for a long weekend maybe a treat, but travel and vacation are not always compatible. The time spent on preparation alone – planning your itinerary, booking flights and hotels, and packing – can already drain your energy. You can expect stressful airport queues, connecting flights, jet lag, and flight delays to erase your chill. Plus, in the current Corrona environment, you really do not know what to expect. Thus, when you need therapeutic relaxation or an exhilarating adventure, home is often the place to be. Forget about going to Disneyland or the Eiffel Tower. Dubai can give you the same thrills with its exciting range of tourist attractions and must-see destinations!

Having fun doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend time overseas. You can always spend holidays and long weekends with an economy car rental and going on a road trip. A short drive to Al Ain or Ras Al Khaimah is worth it! There’s a reason why Dubai sees over 15 million tourists each year. It’s because the emirate offers some of the best staycation experiences that will help you rejuvenate. It also allows you to get close to nature with the most amazing landscapes, sip cocktails by the beach, or try adrenaline-pumping experiences.


Here’s why you should opt for a staycation and cheap car rentals than take a trip abroad:


You’ll start your vacation right away.

After a stressful work week, you don’t have to pack huge luggage, rush to the airport, and endure a long flight to get to your destination. With a car rental, you can go for a short drive to any nearby city to instantly unwind. Dubai is a city built for driving, offering impressive road networks and multi-lane highways. Navigation is easy, and you will be able to reach your booked hotel or resort conveniently. Plus, you get to enjoy scenic avenues and desert landscapes along the way.

You can save on travel expenses.

Traveling to another country is not the most economical option. Accommodation, car rental, airfares, and food can get rather expensive and only stress you out even more. When you stay local, you can avoid all these marked-up prices. The car hire industry is also quite competitive in the UAE in general and in Dubai in particular, so you will saving you on rental fees. More so, the UAE is a country where fuel is not scarce and is rather affordable. This means you drive to the farthest town without having to worry too much about your petrol budget.

You can spend time with local friends and family.

We get so caught up in the rush of daily living, career, and other obligations that it can be hard to spend with friends and loved ones. A staycation can allow you to plan a trip with the special people in your life, especially those that live nearby. You get to spend extended quality time with them because you don’t have to travel far.


There’s no reason to travel far when there are so many relaxing and adventure-packed options across the UAE. Give yourself that restful sleep you deserve by choosing staycation instead of overseas travel. All you need is an itinerary and a vehicle! When it comes to car hire, Dubai travelers can trust Eurostar for all their rental needs. We have a comprehensive range of brands to choose from, such as Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen.