Tips To Get A Cheap Rental Car Plan

Your transaction with a rent a car company doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a host of car rental providers that ensure professional, friendly service you need. They also provide lots of ways to secure a car rental plan that suits your pocket.


Here are a few tips to help you save:

Book an economy car rental

Some companies will try to upgrade you to a higher model during the rental process. Thus, it is essential to establish your budget first before looking around for a rental car. This can help you pick a vehicle within the price range you’re comfortable paying. Driving off with an economy model doesn’t mean you’ll get less features. In Dubai, you can get a nice, new economy car at affordable prices.

Read and understand the fine print

It is crucial to read and understand a rental company’s written policy. This will help you avoid paying for penalties and fines. For instance, knowing the mileage limit and the exact date and time to return the vehicle.
Ultimately, you would want the car rental plan to include maintenance costs, accident repair costs, and insurance.

Only get the extras you need

Do you need an SUV if it’s just the two of you traveling? Getting a smaller car can help you save on costs. If you’re only covering short distances for the entire trip, opt for a small mileage package. Ask the car rental company about your insurance options. While getting one is essential, paying for an expensive full insurance plan may not be necessary. If you have children traveling with you, bringing your child seat would save you money, especially if your trip will last for several days. Some companies charge an average of 30 AED per day for child seats.

Think before getting an upgrade

In addition to insurance bundles, rent a car companies also tend to offer upgrades to their customers. You might get enticed to book a vehicle with GPS feature but nowadays, phones already have excellent navigation apps built right in. Satellite radios are also an upgrade that not everybody needs. You can just use your phone.

Ask for membership discounts

You may have access to discounts on car rentals and not even know it. Car rental memberships usually receive value add-ons and privileges. If you’re booking with a certain company long enough, then it is highly likely that you’re qualified for loyalty program perks. It’s really a quick way to save some extra cash on a rental. Most companies also offer corporate discounts, frequent flyer discounts and military discounts.

Pre-pay online to get discounts

Most rental companies have a ‘pay now and save’ promotion that can give you additional discounts of up to 30%. They offer great savings off the base rate simply by reserving directly through their online booking system. Paying ahead of time will also save you time at the reservation counter during pickup.


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