What Happens If I Return a Car Early or Late?

Everyone wants their trips to go according to plan as much as possible. Thus, when it comes to using rented cars, it is understandable that you want to drive it based on the number of days you paid for.

However, there are things that might be out of your control. Plans can suddenly change. One minute you need to make a detour and the next moment you need to revise your scheduled flight or trips.

But what happens if you return your rented car earlier or later? Well, logically, you might think that you will get a cashback if you return your car earlier or pay extra on top of your bill if you return it late. Well, that could be the case, but it might not be that simple.

How you use your rented car is governed by your contract. You always need to go back to the terms and conditions of your contract to know whether you will be paying more or less when you don’t follow the set schedule.

Nevertheless, you need to realize that car rental companies are operating under the pretext of making money for their owners or shareholders. That’s why they would make sure that every transaction means they will earn something from it. You would most probably be on the losing end if you don’t follow your agreed timeframe.

Realize this: the moment you enter a car rental office and drive away with a car, you are bringing with you an asset that is worth a hundred times than what you paid for. This is especially true when you use Hyundai for rent in UAE or other premium brands. So, it is not surprising that car rental companies would make sure they don’t lose in a deal they made with you.

Let’s first explore when you return a car earlier.

If you rent a car at a discounted rate because of a special promo, then you might not get a cashback if you return it earlier. For example, if there’s an available deal that allows you to get 50% off from your bill if you rent a car for seven days, then your rate will stay the same even if you return it before seven days.

Now, what happens if you return the car late?

Obviously, you would need to pay extra on days you used it. Moreover, even if you are just late for an hour or two, as long as you exceed the base rate, you would need to pay for the penalty or the full amount for another day.

Of course, what happens if you return your rental car earlier or later is a case by case basis. Thus, it is highly recommended that you refer to your contract and discuss this with your car rental comapany.

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