What Is The Best Type of Car to Rent?

Ready for your trip but hesitant about the type of vehicle to book? Most rent a car company in UAE follow the same classification when grouping their units, placing terms such as ‘compact,’ ‘intermediate,’ or ‘economy’ next to the make and model, for instance. Each category has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, the best vehicle to rent is the one that meets your needs. You have to think about your budget, destination, number of passengers, etc.


To help you make an informed decision when booking online or at the rental counter, here is the list of vehicle types to choose from:

Economy Cars

Designed for low-cost purchase and operation, economy cars are small, lightweight, and inexpensive. It usually has 4 doors and seating for 4 passengers. An economy car rental often is the lowest in price and offers excellent fuel savings. It’s an good option for travelers who want to save on their budget. However, it’s not always recommended for long rides as they have very limited features.

Compact Cars

Medium in size, compact models can fit up to 4 people for short trips and 3 people for long-distance trips. It offers decent interior space, storage, and standard features. While it is slightly more expensive than economy cars, it still offers good fuel savings. It’s perfect for renters who frequently engage in city driving because it makes parking and navigating through narrow streets easier.

Mid Size Cars

Designed to provide a more spacious passenger space and cargo area, mid-sized vehicles are manufactured in various body styles. Sedans, coupes, convertibles, and hatchbacks fall under the mid-size category. Its size doesn’t differ much from that of a compact car, but its features are upgraded. Audi A3 and A4, VW Golf, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia, Accord, Nissan Altima, and Mazda6 are some of the most popular mid-size car rental deals.

Full Size Cars

Too large for the mid-size market, full-size vehicles have more cubic feet of space in the cabin and cargo. They are more substantial but do not necessarily refer to SUVs. This four-door vehicle can seat up to 5 passengers. It offers a smoother ride so you can use it for long-distance driving. Also, its gas consumption falls within an acceptable range. The Audi A6 is great examples.

Premium Cars

For renters who have no budgeting issues, cars in the premium category are always a good deal. It’s a great option for business travel or leisure. It offers comfortable seating for up to 5 people, spacious cargo space, and impressive design. Premium vehicles are equipped with the highest technology and safety features that are not present in other cars. Other extras may include leather seating, name brand stereo equipment, and bigger wheels.


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