Why Monthly Car Rental Is The Best Choice

Public transportation in the UAE can sometimes be inconvenient and expensive. This is why economy car rental solutions are becoming increasingly advantageous. People who stay in the country for an extended amount of time go for monthly rentals because the packages are generally cheaper and rental companies tend to offer discounts.


Here are more reasons why a monthly car rental is the best choice:

Flexibility – With long-term cheap car rentals, you are not tied to a fixed-term commitment. Payments are usually arranged in easy-to-manage monthly installments, and you only pay for the rental period. There is no post-purchase regret, and you have the flexibility to get a newer model at the end of the rental tenure.

No Hassle – Owning a car can bring loads of stress right from buying it to maintaining it. When purchasing a vehicle, you need to worry about the down payment, paperwork, road tax, insurance cost, maintenance charges, re-sale, etc. Monthly rentals don’t require all these as the rental company takes care of everything, even roadside assistance.

No depreciation – A new vehicle loses approx. 20% of its value as soon as it’s driven off the showroom and loses another 10%  by the end of their first year. From years 2-6, depreciation can range from 18% to 25% per year. Depreciation is never an issue with a monthly rental. The rental company can help you avoid these extra losses.

Easy maintenance – Another advantage of a monthly rental is that it’s inclusive of regular maintenance. The rental company usually reminds their client about the upcoming service, collects the vehicle, and returns it in pristine condition. Your only task is to make sure you have enough fuel.

Loyalty pays – Most cars hire UAE companies to offer loyalty programs to regular customers. It’s easy to be included in special memberships if you book monthly rentals. The next time you take a vacation, the company will take care of all the details and connect you with hotels and airlines to gain more loyalty points.


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